Pimplepark Attaxx Speed

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Ett mycket greppigt ytgummi kombinerat med en hård svamp med bra fart. Enligt vissa testare liknar gummit närmast gummin som Stiga DNA Hybrid H, snarare än tyska hybrid-gummiin.

Pimplepark har under flera år utvecklat detta offensiva hybridgummi för att hitta rätt kombination av svamp, lim, ytgummi och nabbstruktur. Till slut tycks man ha lyckats ta fram ett offensivgummi utan svagheter.

Kommer vakumförpackat. Så förmodligen förboostat.

The Attaxx Speed is the first real offensive rubber from the German brand PiMPLEPARK. The Epos was already able to convince many players as an all-round rubber due to its excellent playing properties. With the Attaxx Speed, the developers are following their motto: "by players for players" and are bringing a modern offensive rubber onto the market.

The aim of the development was to create a spin-friendly and fast-paced rubber that has a little less catapult in order to maintain a high level of control. The Attaxx Speed combines a compact, medium-hard sponge with a very grippy surface. Thanks to the modern sponge, the surface has sufficient speed reserves that allow good speed development even in half-distance games.

The rubber shows its great strengths in offensive play close to the table. The serve and return game is achieved with a lot of spin and the length can be easily controlled thanks to little catapult and the balls don't jump out too heavily. The spin opening can be played variably with a lot of speed or a lot of spin.

The Attaxx Speed is a lot of fun, especially in active block games and counter top spins at the table. Good acceleration can be achieved with short movements and counter-topspins often lead to a direct win.

The Attaxx Speed is available in sponge thicknesses of 1.9mm, 2.1mm and max. The 1.9mm version is an interesting alternative, especially for the backhand side, for players for whom classic Japanese rubbers are too slow and German tensors are a bit too fast and catapulty.
In sponge thicknesses of 2.1mm and max., the rubber offers offensive topspin players high acceleration and excellent spin development.

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