Pimplepark SICA

859 kr
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  • offensive blade without carbon, made in Germany
  • seven finely selected wooden veneers, noble design
  • for the topspin oriented offensive player
  • Wheight 90-99g


Sica is a Latin word and means dagger. Just like the Impetus and the Pila, this blade is aimed at powerful attackers. The goal was to develop a blade which provides maximum feel when playing over the table and maximum power during fast rallies. It is designed to be handy, but also very effective - just like a dagger. Moreover, it provides a lot of spin – especially when playing with ABS balls. The blade suits topspin players with advanced technical skills.

In order to achieve high speed, the developers opted for a seven-ply veneer structure. To reach the desired spin properties, the developers deliberately decided not to use any synthetic fibres. Hence, the high speed had to be achieved through a special veneer structure and gluing. A total of seven high-quality wood veneers were combined in a quite unusual way: The 1.0mm core veneer is made of ayous- All veneers have a thickness between 0.8 and 1.0mm and were cold-pressed, making the blade even more precise. Due to its structure, the blade offers good stability, high precision and speed.

The veneer structure in detail:

Core veneer: 1.0mm ayous

Two more 1.0mm ayous veneers

Two 0.8mm ayous veneers

Outer layer made of 0.8mm spruce veneers

The Sica was developed for technically skilled, powerful attackers on both sides. In the open game, it has a quite flat bounce and provides really good speed. Especially when serving and returning, however, it is very controlled, precise and makes it easy to create spin. During topspins from mid-distance, the Sica shows all its power: Vigorous, powerful topspin strokes can be performed from many different positions.

Especially when using ABS balls, the Sica enables very good spin over the table. Nevertheless, it is relatively forgiving during counter-topspin strokes and (spin) blocks.

In terms of speed, the Sica is on a par with blades using synthetic fibres while providing more control and spin. Offensive players seeking more speed than with their ALC blade – especially when playing with ABS balls – should definitely check out the Sica!

Sica provides excellent workmanship and, due to the slightly sanded edges at the handle, it rests very well in the hand.

Sica: Handy over the table, extremely effective during topspins