Pimplepark FILIUS

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Ytterligare ett konsthantverk från Pimplepark​ för allround och defensivspel.


Width 151,5mm

Height 157mm


  • table tennis blade made in Germany for defensive players
  • five wooden veneers with a maximum of control and a total weight of approx. 75g
  • for classical defensive players that need a maximum of control

PiMPLEPARK is one of the few brands worldwide to focus entirely on developing rubbers and blades specially geared to the new plastic ball. Following a long process from the first idea to the development of the final product, the German brand has now launched its third blade, the Filius.

Filius comes from the Latin word for "son". This name is based on a clear concept: The Filius is, so to speak, the son of the defensive blade Castro, which we also offer. The aim was to develop a slower variant of the Castro which suits true defensive strategists. Thus, the idea of the Filius was born.

The Filius is manufactured entirely in Germany and meets the highest quality standards. It is a five-ply allwood blade. The developers deliberately decided not to use any additional materials or synthetic fibres in this defensive blade. The blade head was slightly enlarged and thus suits classical defenders. Nevertheless, the developers managed to keep the total weight of the blade at around 70-80 grams.The blade is available with either a straight or a flared handle.

The detailed veneer structure: 

  • kiri core veneer
  • second layer made of limba 
  • outer veneers made of spruce 
  • handle made of walnut tree wood

The Filius is aimed at the following types of defensive players: 

  1. Classical defenders defending far from the table:
    The Filius supports classical defenders thanks to its extremely high control and its low speed. Safety is the highest priority, enabling players to play flat and precise returns on fast and high-spin loops. The Filius can be combined with both long pimples and slow inverted rubbers as well as with anti-topspin rubbers. It offers enormous spin.
  2. Defensive all-round players relying on safety and spin
    All-rounders playing close to the table can perform effective, high-spin strokes with the Filius. The blade with its soft spruce outer veneers offers a very interesting feeling when combined with thick and hard rubbers. Control remains phenomenal and the spin potential is above average as well. Thus, defensive allrounders can force their opponents to commit errors through safe blocking and pushing as well as through high-spin loops.

Compared to the Castro and the Murus, the Filius is the slowest blade in PiMPLEPARK’s product range. It is clearly aimed at players waiting for opponents‘ errors while only occasionally winning points through active strokes. Players following the motto "safety above all" will highly enjoy this blade!

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