Pimplepark TENAXX

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Anti-gummi med en väldigt effektiv dämpsvamp som ger väldigt korta bollar och hög kontroll.

Ytgummit är närmare ett klassiskt anti än ett friktionslöst.

2,0 är extremt långsam och passar bäst på snabba stommar.

1,5 är också väldigt långsam och passar bäst på medelsnabba stommar.

1,0 har mest effekt och passar bäst på def och allroundstommar.

OBS, ta inte för tjock svamp för din stomme, då det är så mycket dämp i svampen att det blir svårt bara att få bollen över nätet.


The Tenaxx is a highly interesting anti-topspin rubber made by the German brand PiMPLEPARK. Following the long pimple rubbers Wobbler and Cluster, the developers’ goal was to design an anti-topspin rubber which helps offensive players preparing their point-winning strokes. The Tenaxx is neither a slick nor a classical anti-topspin rubber. In terms of its playing properties, this rubber can be categorized between the two dominating variants on the market.

The Topsheet of the Tenaxx is slick, but in contrast to pure slick anti-topspin rubbers, it still provides minimal friction. What is special about this rubber is its combination of a slick surface and a unique and very soft dampening sponge. The rubber is available with a sponge thickness of 1.0mm, 1.5mm and 2.0mm. In contrast to conventional rubbers, the rule for the Tenaxx is: the thicker the sponge, the slower the rubber.

Thus, the rubber can be used for different purposes, depending on the sponge thickness:

  1. 2.0mm version for players close to the table

In this version, the rubber has the strongest dampening effect. Due to its very low speed, it is possible to combine the rubber with fast offensive blades. Spin reversal is not as pronounced as in slick anti-topspin rubbers, but slightly better than in classical anti-topspin rubbers. The strength of the 2.0mm version is definitely its extremely high control. The sponge absorbs even the hardest topspin shots and makes it easy to perform short blocks. This enables players to disrupt their opponents’ rhythm considerably and to prepare their own forehand attacks perfectly. However, players should stay close to the table with this rubber as the dampening effect is so strong that mid-distance strokes hardly reach the opponent’s half.

  1. 1.5mm version for variable players

The medium sponge version is perfectly suited for variable players. Control is still excellent, while the slightly increased speed also enables dangerous counter-attacks in addition to purely passive blocks. Through variable shots, the blade allows players to disrupt their opponents’ rhythm and to launch their own attacks. Spin reversal is minimally higher than in the 2.0mm version. This variant should also be used primarily close to the table, however, it also allows for occasional defensive strokes.

  1. 1.0mm version for defensive players

The thinnest sponge version of the Tenaxx differs considerably from the other two variants in some strokes. While the other two versions are not well-suited for defensive strokes far from the table, the 1.0mm variant works very well for classical defensive strokes. The surprising thing is that this version of the Tenaxx produces considerable backspin when defending far from the table. When playing near the table, the low speed also facilitates counter-attacks such as smash shots or long blocks.

Therefore, the Tenaxx is not primarily aimed at players who wait for the opponent to commit easy errors due to a strong spin reversal (which is higher in slick anti-topspin rubbers), but rather at forehand-oriented offensive players who use the backhand to prepare their attacks, benefiting from the special playing properties of this anti-topspin rubber.

In its thin 1.0mm version, the rubber matches well with more defensive blades such as the Filius. In the medium version, the Tenaxx harmonizes perfectly with the Murus. The 2.0mm version’s sponge has such as strong dampening sponge that it works best with fast blades such as the Impetus or the Sica.

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