Barna Original Super Glanti Attack

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BARNAS unique slick rubber SUPER GLANTI set a milestone in the development of this category of disruptional rubbers and has become a bestseller in short time. 

We now offer a development with unusual offensive capabilities; BARNA ORIGINAL presents the SUPER GLANTI ATTACK.

We hereby took the top rubber of the SUPER GLANTI and combined it with a soft offensive sponge.

This combinition enables great ball feedback and very interesting offensive gamestyle with a slick anti.

With the SUPER GLANTI ATTACK you can push the ball with ease, play psyeudo loops and very disrupting offensive shots and put the opponent under pressure, especially against backspin or no spin balls.

When playing passively the sponge allows „delayed“ blocks and but also provides hightened amounts of spinreversal due to the increased speed.

The SUPER GLANTI ATTACK also has astonishing things to offer in the area of defense away from the table, here a massive spin reversal and extreme ball trajectories are generated.

Note on installation and care:
Each SUPER GLANTI ATTACK comes with a free glue sheet.
Please use this glue sheet for installation and follow the enclosed assembly instructions.
Regular cleaning with BARNA ORIGINAL GLANTI CLEAN cares and protects your GLANTI!



Disruptive effect:

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