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  • Används av Marcus Johansson maj 2023 tillsamman med olika typer av Super Glanti för maximal reversal.
  • The defensive version of our "angular" top blade SCOOPER-DEF has been specially developed for disruptive play at the table in combination with a safe and very dangerous spin defence.

    Disruptive players who act directly at the table and rely on the highest control values, maximum spin development and forwarding with pimples or antis will find this blade a playfully unique and visually interesting table tennis blade.

    The classic defender from a distance, on the other hand, benefits from an extraordinary spin development and superior ball control in passive play.

    SCOOPER-DEF has enough of its own energy to attack with topspin or a hard shot, thanks to 2 built-in, extra-hard synthetic fibre veneers.

    In addition, the SCOOPER-DEF has an enlarged racket face and thus generates the perfect ball impact point with excellent ball feedback at the same time.

    SCOOPER-DEF: the perfect defensive blade for all "shovel artists" and disruptive players at the table.
  • Product Features

    Weight Ø:
    70 Gramm
    5+2 synthetic fibre
    Dimensions (L/W/H):
    15,5 cm x 15,5 cm x 0,65 cm

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