der-materialspezialist Scooper Combi

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  • With the SCOOPER COMBI, we are now expanding our globally popular SCOOPER blade series with a unique combination blade version.

    The speed reduction of the backhand is achieved not only through the use of different wood veneers, but also through a new gluing technique.

    he SCOOPER COMBI is suitable for all groups of players, who need maximum control on the backhand side and with precise ball placement and a flat ball bounce, force the opponent to play defensively and then act offensively with a tempo-oriented forehand.

    The modern disruptive player and the classic defender benefit from outstanding control values on the backhand side and perfect penetration power on the forehand side.

    As all SCOOPER blades, the processing technology is outstanding and visually unique.

    der-materialspezialist SCOOPER COMBI the “angular” combination of defense and offense.

  • Product Features

    Speed Forehand:
    Speed Backhand:
    Control Forehand:
    Control Backhand:
    Weight Ø:
    75 Gramm
    Offensive- / Allround-
    Dimensions (L/W/H):
    15,0 cm x 15,0 cm x 0,84 cm

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