Donic Original True Carbon Inner

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Beställningsvara Finns ej i lagret
Number of Layers : 5+2
approximate weight (g) : 85
Blade Type : OFF-
thickness (mm) : 5.6


A novelty for everyone who wants to be controlled, but also want to attack with force at the crucial moment. Absolute top class in material selection and workmanship! The same fine wood veneers are used for the DONIC Original True Carbon Inner as for the DONIC Original True Carbon, which is already a classic. The True Carbon Inner with Hybrid Aramid Carbon also uses a new type of carbon fiber that is not placed directly under the outer veneer, but rather encases the inner veneer. The result: a softer stroke and even more control than with the True Carbon, with just a little less speed.


7 layers of Kiri (inside), Hybrid Aramid Carbon (3 + 5), Ayous (2 + 6), Koto (1 + 7).


Fast, medium hard, controlled, sensitive.


For offensive players who want to attack in a controlled manner.

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