der-materialspezialist DEFENSOR

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The experts at der-materialspezialist have developed a perfect defensive blade with DEFENSOR which is unique world wide due to its extraordinary properties. The blade not only offers an enlarged surface which supports the high defensive control values, but also uses carbon to create a perfect "sweet spot". When playing classical defense away from the table, amazing changes in spin and extreme backspin can be performed with all defensive strokes. 

With DEFENSOR you can also play loops effortlessly from the mid-distance range with enough speed to perform effective counter attacks.
The control values of this defensive stunner are perfect and will cast a spell on every defensive player. der-materialspezialist DEFENSOR: The clear Nr.1 of defensive blades.


Layers: 5+2 carbon 


Tempo: 68
Kontrolle: 99
Gewicht: ca. 79g
Eignung: DEF