der-materialspezialist BLOCKBUSTER

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Maximum control and excellent disruptive effect for disruptive playing style close to the table!

BLOCKBUSTER is our newest invention for disruptive players close to the table that seek maximum control and excellent disruptive effect. 

This new blade entirely renounces the use of Balsa and was devised entirely for the use with Antispin rubbers and pimples.

The speed is moderate and enables unpleasant short blocks with a low trajectory and massive backspin.

Due to the moderate speed, the control of this blade is high and even devastating shots from the opponent can be returned without problem. 

At the same time, BLOCKBUSTER has enough speed reserves to accelerate the ball dynamically through a shot or topspin.


Speed: 79
Control: 96
Weight: 69g
Characteristics: AR
Layers: 5