Barna Original Supercombi

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  • With the BARNA ORIGINAL SUPERCOMBI we present you a unique table tennis combination of wood with unique playing characteristics.

    Thanks to the latest production technology, we have succeeded in decoupling the backhand side of this blade almost completely without violating the new ITTF regulation for the production of combination blades.

    In passive play, the ball is strongly decelerated on the backhand side in order to be able to play an extra short ball on attacking balls.

    Furthermore, a hard backhand side veneer ensures a flat ball bounce, which is a real challenge for any opposing attacker.

    The forehand side impresses with a strong catapult development combined with massive spin development and enables a fast, direct point win through a wide range of offensive possibilities.

    BARNA ORIGINAL SUPERCOMBI: experience the difference!
  • Product Features

    Speed Forehand:
    Speed Backhand:
    Control Forehand:
    Control Backhand:
    Weight approx.:
    68 Gramm
    Offensive / Defensive
    Dimensions (L/W/H):
    15,6 cm x 15,1 cm x 0,89 cm

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