Sauer Tröger Monkey

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  • long pimples with interesting playing characteristics
  • available as ox version and with a 0.6mm sponge version with a dampening sponge
  • for disruptive players close to the table


1. nub structure:
The pimples of the long pimple rubber Monkey have a high aspect ratio and are quite far apart. This guarantees the greatest possible space for buckling of the pimple heads. The nub necks are fairly smooth, the heads are slightly roughened.
2. pimple width:
The nub heads are quite wide. In combination with the roughened nub heads, they ensure a large development of rotation. If you hit the ball well, the opponent will face big problems.
3. nub hardness
When applying light pressure, the nub heads give a medium-hard appearance. At higher pressure, however, they give way and cause a gentle and soft playing feel. This ensures that the pimple plays in a controlled manner and that balls that are difficult for the opponent to calculate can still be played with offensive shots.
4. sponge:
The sponge of the sponge version is a new type of dampening sponge that doesn't play too "dead". Definitely worth a try.

Sebastian's tip:

The sponge version with its cushioning sponge is also a real alternative for players who have played OX before. Even if you haven't done it before: Don't be afraid to hit the balls early and boldly with the "Monkey". You will see the results and you will be able to do things that you may not have been able to before.