andro NUZN 50

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Extremt greppigt hybridbelag med 50 graders svamp.

andro har lyckats ta fram ett ytgummi med klart bättre hållbarhet än tidigare tyska premium-gummin. Dessutom är även prestandan bäst hittils med utökad spin och större sweet-spot.

NUZN 50 är för spelare med bra teknik.

Fart 126

Skruv 137

Kontroll 95

The new generation of NUZN rubbers - developed and optimised with the SPINSIGHT Training App!

  • The remarkably high dynamics of the NUZN 50 are activated by technically clean strokes. The sponge compensates for minor deviations in the point of impact with its moderate hardness.
  • The extremely grippy top rubber gives topspins a high and aggressive trajectory, while the sponge provides consistency.
  • Short spin movements close to the table, typical of modern table tennis, gain in quality and arc.
  • NUZN 50 enables dangerous and safe counter-spins as well as smooth transitions from passive to active play.
  • The top rubber and the 50° hard sponge allow you to reach new levels of performance with an unimaginably long rubber life.
  • Developed for a precise, ultra-modern topspin game.

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