der-materialspezialist MEGA-BLOCK ANTI

249 kr
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This new slick antispin rubber is the ultimate legal weapon for blocking close to the table. Thanks to its uncomparable surface MEGA-BLOCK creates maximum spinreversal. MEGA-BLOCK not only generates a maximum of spinreversal but also never seen before extremely short destructive blocks.

MEGA-BLOCK provides very high control through its extreme dampening sponge which also enables a variety of different strokes. Passiv or rotationless balls can be attacked with ease with MEGA-BLOCK creating a very short disruptional trajectory which will confuse the opponent. 

MEGA-BLOCK: Forget frictionless long pimples MEGA-BLOCK is the future!

Speed:               30
Control:              105
Disruptive effect: 100

Please note the following important points for MEGA-BLOCK ANTI: For the new used absorption sponge the thickest version (2,0 mm) is the slowest. Please follow the enclosed assembly instructions for mounting on your blade.