der-materialspezialist REVOLUTION

890 kr
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Backorder item
Product Description:

der-materialspezialist REVOLUTION is another groundbreaking development in the realm of disruption oriented blades. This balsa-free blade is devised so that a turbulent-restless unforseeable and low balltrajectory is enabled. This means that the disruptive effect of pimples and antispin rubbers is increased substantially! 

The REVOLUTION blade convinces with perfect ball resonance/feedback and excellent control properties when playing both active- and passively. The blade also is remarkable visually and in terms of its workmanship. der-materialspezialist REVOLUTION: The highest class of dirsruption!


Speed: 86
Control: 93
Weight: ca. 86g
Characteristics: ALL+
Layers: 5
Size: Thickness of the blade: 5,50 mm 
Width of the blade: 150 mm 
Length of the blade: 156 mm