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Sponge thickness
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Backorder item
Product Description:
  • first inverted rubber made by PiMPLEPARK
  • med-soft modern sponge with a built-in glue effect
  • slightly tacky topsheet for high rotation 


The Epos is a modern allround rubber with a high spin potential. The extremely high grip combined with a 36 to 38-degree soft and dynamic sponge offers maximum control and rotation. The thin sponge versions of the epos are perfect for the classical defensive game. The extra high-grip topsheet allows for extremely accurate and controlled defensive strokes.

For allround players, the thicker sponge versions of the Epos are also an interesting alternative to conventional rubbers produced in Japan. Attacking strokes can be performed with precision and lots of rotation. Moreover, the rubber is suitable for classical blocking and counter-attacking, offering high control with all strokes.