der-materialspezialist 2-FACES

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Product Description:

With 2-FACES, we present you an exclusive, handmade table tennis COMBI wood-blade with unique playing characteristics.

Thanks to a new production method, we succeeded to almost completely decouple the backhand side.

The extra hard backhand outer veneer causes an extremely flat ball bounce, which ensures a real challenge for any attacker.

The forehand dominates with a strong catapult for speed and massive spin development and allows a quick point by hitting or looping.

2 FACES : BECAUSE table tennis has many faces !

Speed: 84 / 25 (F / B)
Control: 96 / 100+ (F / B)
Weight: 65g
Characteristics: ALL+/DEF-
Layers: -


Blade size : 15,5 x 15 cm
Blade thickness: 13 mm