Sauer & Tröger Zeus

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Product Description:

It was our utmost goal to create a high-class racket for modern defensive players, no matter the costs in terms of development and material. The result is ZEUS. We proudly present this masterpiece. It is named after Zeus, the Greek father of the gods, which was only logical with what it represents. 

The racket fits perfect to long-pimple-rubber Sauer&Tröger HELLFIRE.

We highly recommend this racket for the allrounder playing close to the table as well as for the defender.

The ZEUS is made of the wood of the japanese royal paulownia, graphit and two additional veneers made from ideal UD carbon. The outside veneer manufactured from the japanese Kiso Hinoki make this combination perfect.

We were discoured from creating the ZEUS because of the very high, some might even say too high, manufacturing costs. But because of the excellent playing abilities of this wood, we just had to do it. Since the ZEUS is made of really scarce raw material, it is possible that we temporarily might not be able to ship ZEUS out directly.


Because of the CBIF adherence the forehand is a bit faster than the backhand.

Dimension of the racket: 16 cm x 15,8 cm

Speed: 72/67
Control: 92/97
Weight: 90-95g
Characteristics: ALL/DEF+
Layers: 5