der-materialspezialist CUBIXX 100

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Product Description:

Highest effectivity and sensational control for disruptional play at the table! The newly created allround blade CUBIXX 100 was created for the use of pimples und anti top rubbers at the table. The CUBIXX 100 produces amazing disruptional effects and extreme spinreversal. This new ALL- blade also convinces through having a very low trajectory and enabling sensational short blocks. 

The control properties are very high with all types of shots and thus reduces unforced errors enormously. Despite the relatively slow speed, the CUBBIX 100 builds astounding speed values when playing offensive strokes and thereby allows for aggressive play with perfect results. CUBIXX 100: The perfect blade for pimple and antispin rubber play at the table.


Speed: 72
Control: 97
Weight: ca. 72g
Characteristics: ALL-
Layers: 5
Size: 15,5 x 15 cm