TSP Outdoor Set

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Product Description:

- complete racket set for leisure time and hobby players - extra fun with a cool frisbee disk and a bigger, black ball - contents: 2 complete rackets, 3 black balls, 1 bat case and 1 frisbee disk TSP complete racket set Outdoor guarantees maximum fun and relaxation for all hobby players. You can play table tennis with the two complete rackets whenever and wherever you want. The cool, black balls with asiatic characters are absolutely unique, because one of the balls is bigger than the normal 40mm ball. Experience the new feeling! The practical bat case protects your racket and your balls perfectly. The frisbee disk, which is included, makes the set a perfect leisure time item. Speed: +++ Control: +++++ Content: 2 complete rackets, 3 black balls in different sizes, bat case and a frisbee