Sauer&Tröger Schmerz

249 kr
Sponge thickness
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Not available
Product Description:

That hurts!!! Your opponent destroys his bat after putting another of your shots with S&T Schmerz deep into the net.

You don’t need to be happy at your opponents despair but you can celebrate your own success!

S&T Schmerz guarantees the highest disruption effect combined with easy-to-play attacking options – a great choice for a successful pimple game.

  • Speed: 43
  • Control: 94
  • Effekt: 100
  • Hardness: medium+
  • Characteristics: DEF+/ALL



Please note: Also try the version with the extremely thin 0,5mm sponge. This special sponge absorbs
powerful attacking shots but retains enough dynamics for disruptive attacking play