Giant Dragon Giant Long

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Product Description:
Liknande Meteorite, men ska vara lite snabbare och ha mer reversering och störeffekt. Ska också vara lite mer svårspelat än Meteorite. Kommer med förmonterad limfolie. Giant Long is the best choice for defensive players wanting to impart heavy backspin with deception . It features a knuckle ball effect. Also for attacking players who require a great variety of spin rotations. Giant Longs unique shaped pimple conforms to ITTF regulations. The aspect ratio of this long pimples rubber is within ITTF regulations, whilst, we have formulated pimples whose shape and hardness react to the oncoming ball in an adequate extent. GIANT LONG is the best choice for attacking players who require a wide range of spin variation; defensive player who need impart heavy backspin to the ball. It is feature of a unique "knuckle ball" effect on shots, as well as producing effective speed for offensive shots.