der-materialspezialist MASTER ANTI

249 kr
Sponge thickness
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Product Description:

With MASTER-ANTI der-materialspezialist presents a classic anti-topspin sheet combined with a newly created sponge with very high dampening properties. Very thin and long pimples under the sponge create a disruptional effect and enable effective disruptional strokes. Passive blocks and chopblocks become very nasty for the opponent since it is very difficult to anticipate the incoming spin.

When playing classical defense away from the table or in mid-distance the rubber enables low returns with ease and impressive trajectories. With MASTER-ANTI you can attack easily and effectively a significant delay in the balls motion creates additional disruption. Despite the disruptional effect MASTER-ANTI has high control properties which makes the rubber especially interesting for technically versed players.

MASTER-ANTI: The ultimate Spin Killer.

Speed:   60
Control:   95
Disruptive effect:   97


Please note the following important points for MASTER ANTI: 
For the new used absorption sponge the thickest version (2,0mm) is the slowest.