Victas Quartet SFC

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VICTAS Quartet SFC distinguishes itself by its great feel and spin development. The ply structure of Quartet SFC was designed to provide spin-oriented offensive players with optimum ball contact feedback for precisely placed shots. The Silver Carbon layer on the core ply offers excellent speed development, while the softer Fleece Carbon provides strategic attackers with all the flexibility and feel they need.

Speed: 97
Control: 93
Weight: ca. 92g
Characteristics: OFF


DSE – Double Synergy Effect

All VICTAS blades featuring DSE technology are based on 5 carefully selected wood veneers combined with 2 high-tech fibre materials. In all VICTAS blades, the first synthetic fibre layer is applied directly on the core ply, which guarantees highly stable bouncing and produces great speed. The outer Fleece Carbon layer generates extra speed and great feel thanks to the slightly softer fibre texture. The Double Synergy Effect of the two synthetic fibre materials and the well-balanced wooden plies guarantees magnificent feel at high speed.