Tsp Fusion Off

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TSP Fusion OFF - 5-ply offensive blade for variable offensive players

- perfect for all offensive strategies
- with an extra of „energy“ for your strokes due to the i-pure technology

The TSP Fusion OFF combines extreme offensive playing with good control and great feeling. Due to the special combination of the Koto outer veneers with the Kiri-Core we have invented an offensive blade which is easy to control. The "3in 1 Energy", which is integrated in the lense, produces extra energy and concentration. This additional strength and energy brings noticeably more concentration, in order to unfold your whole playing abilities, also during tight and tough games.

"3 in 1 Energy" with i-pure - for even more power!

The lenses of the new i-pure blades Fusion ALL+ and Fusion OFF are made out of the "3 in 1 Energy" i-pure technology material, which is already very popular in Asia. The negative ions, a part of the "3 in 1 Energy", promote the blood circulation in your body. Due to the better blood circulation, it is easier to concentrate. You feel comfortable

„Negative Ion“: You can find negative ions mainly in nature. A higher concentration of negative ions in the air can be found close to water falls, seas, forests or in the mountains. The function of the negative ions is to help to relax and enhance the concentration.
„Far-Infrared Ray“: Far infra-red rays, which are also a part of the "3 in 1 Energy" technology , provide a warm feeling coming from inside - you will always stay relaxed, even in critical situations.
„Atom Ge“: the special characteristic of the atom Ge (No. 32 in the table of elements) is that it is able to increase the velocity of circulation in your blood. The result is more energy and a better functionality.

Speed: +++++
Control: +++
Handle Form: FL | AN | ST
Veneers: 5
Weight: ca. 85g (+/-5g)