729 A-2

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The A2 is a classical offensive blade. Although the Chinese manufacturer 729 Friendship did not use any additional material during the production process, the seven-ply blade offers high speed. Considering that the A2 is an Off+ Plus blade, it is also relatively light (approx. 90g).

The A2 is not head-heavy and offers a very good balance. The blade is particularly useful for classical offensive players relying on blocking and counterattacks as well as both on topspin and smashing shots to exert pressure on the opponent during the attacking game. The blade offers a high quality of workmanship, and rests pleasantly in the player’s hand. In contrast to other Chinese brands, the handle of this blade is perfectly adapted to European players since it is not too small. 

Additional information:

  • blade weight: approx. 90g
  • blade length: 15.7cm
  • blade widht: 15.0cm
  • blade thickness: 6.4mm
  • blade construction: seven wood veneers