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After the great success of the TMXi An JaeHyunXiom has geared this blade a little more to An JaeHyun's individual needs: On the one hand, the strengths of the individual veneers have been changed somewhat (in the Pro version, the core veneer is approx. 10% thinner and the veneer between the Trimetrix fiber and the outer veneer has been significantly reinforced), on the other hand, the blade is a little longer. Due to the changed veneer thicknesses, the Pro version plays a little crisper. The slightly longer blade (160mm instead of 158mm) also changes the balance and the blade is more top-heavy. However, the basic veneer composition of both blades is identical, i.e. the same types of wood and the same Trimetrix fiber are used in both blades.

blade details:

  • weight: ca. 92g
  • blade length: 16.0cm
  • blade width: 15.2cm
  • blade thickness: 6.1mm
  • structure: five wooden plies and two Trimetrix-fibers

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