Victas Fire Fall VC

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The Fire Fall VC is a High-Tech product featuring innovative, aerospace-tested carbon technology. In the development of the new high-end blade from the Fire Fall series, the VICTAS material experts aimed at designing the ultimate combination of speed development and control. V-Carbon, one of the hardest and sturdiest carbon fibers in the world, offers exactly these properties. Thanks to this high-tech fiber, the blade has excellent stability, which greatly improves control in extreme situations. With the hardness and power of the V-Carbon fiber combined with five fine wood plies, the Fire Fall VC provides for outstanding acceleration for unlimited creativity and vigor in offensive play. The Fire Fall VC is a real milestone in the field of blade design!


playstyle: OFF
synthetic fibre: V - Carbon
wooden ply: 7
weight: ca. 92g
handle: FL | AN | ST
speed: 104 | control: 88