Palio TC6

240 kr
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Riktigt bra offensivstomme med titanium och karbon. Fart mellan Off- och Off. Vikt ca 86 gram. Från tillverkaren: This is the equipment supplied to the team of Beijing. This is a high quality blade. It is made with emphasis on attack speed which is provided by the Titanium layers and overall balanced feel which is provided by the wood layers. The handle is coupled with wood to provide excellent touch. Kommentar från nätet: - A very well made and fantastic looking blade. I love the more compact head size and comfortable handle. It's a relatively stiff and fast blade but has excellent control. At 6.1mm thin, it's excellent for looping and stiff enough for serious attacks. At around 86g, it's nimble enough for quick rallies and rapid movements. I have the TCT and Palio has really excelled with this design. Soft carbon paired with Titanium offer an offensive yet highly controllable blade. I paired the TC6 with a softer looping rubber and it performs wonderfully. Low shots loop right over the net with a tight arc and land like they were on autopilot. Balance and feel is wonderful. Rekommenderas.