Gewo Hybrid Carbon OFF-

225 kr
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The hybrid carbon M / Speed (moderate speed) Wood combines excellent playability, thanks to the CFL technology, but especially by the highest level of controlled power combined with extremely good ball control.

The Hybrid Carbon M / Speed was found by the optimized balance of speed, weight and flexibility are almost unbeatable formula. Experience more power and speed and top spin shot, without loss of feel and control on short balls and passive blocks.

This can be quite unexpected ways which were previously not easy to play. With the Hybrid Carbon M / Speed is already an accomplished so far considered impossible material dimension: Powerful, straightforward topspin without annoying vibrations.

You get more power and precision on every shot. Play with moderate bat and ball speed to help you a whole new experience in terms of power, Fehlerverzeihbarkeit and accuracy. With this feeling every offensive play is necessarily successful.


Speed:    92
Control:    96
Weight:    78g
Characteristics:    OF-
Layers:    5+2

Models: flaired / anatomic / straight