Gambler Black Diamond (Texilium Balsa)

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Speed: 92 Control: 77 Flex: Low Weight: 82+-5grams (balsa has a big grain weight variation even with the highest grade) Ply: 3 wood 2 Texilium/Glass Handle styles: Flared or Pro ST Huge balsa core sandwiched with Texilium Glass weave, skinned with high grade Limba. This blade is very light but still has a solid feeling of power. Black Diamond is a truly different breed! After a full year of testing we have upgraded the speed of this blade. Players find this blade to be a true balsa lovers dream with very little between the ball and the balsa core, giving a very live surface. The ST handle is very fat for players who need extra wood or want to custom shape the handle. (please note that the ST handle will add a few grams of weight).