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Our develeopment for an effective destroying game combined with perfect attacking options. SPINHUNTER is a balsa free 7-layer carbon blade and mediated a perfect gaming experience in all game situation. SPINHUNTER is specific developed for players which want to destroy the game whis ANTI or long pimples on one blade side and even aktiv attack with the other side. His allround tempo gives a perfect control but it has also enough power for an aktiv play. 

SPINHUNTER comes with an extra flat balldrop and provided with it the short deposting off the ball. In this connection players reach a perfect spin reversal and a very high destroying effect by using our antispin or long pimple rubbers. Best possible handling and a very nice design make this blade to a top produkt.

Speed: 85
Control: 95
Weight: 88g
Characteristics: AR+
Layers: 5+2