der-materialspezialist Scooper

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  •  With the SCOOPER we offer you a completely new type of table tennis blade with a unique blade shape and an exceptional, outstanding design.

    The unusual "shovel" like shape in combination with the optimized hitting surface provides an improved sweet spot and at the same time increasing control values, despite high speed.

    At the same time, this unique top blade, especially when using pimples on the outside and antispin rubbers, allows for a highly controlled game with an extraordinary disruptive effect and a flat ball trajectory.

    Frictionless anti players look forward to a very high spin reversal, forward to opponent's spin.

    Thanks to the use of hand-selected veneers, the latest manufacturing technology and the highest technical know-how, the SCOOPER also has an extremely low weight.

    For the player, this means a completely new, unique playing feeling with an eye-catching design and outstanding playing characteristics.

    der-materialspezialist SCOOPER: the round has to go on the square.
  • Product Features

    Weight approx.:
    65 Gramm
    5 (with Balsa)
    Dimensions (L/W/H):
    16,0 cm x 15,0 cm x 1,0 cm