der-materialspezialist EXCALIBUR

690 kr
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With the new OFF- blade EXCALIBUR the manufacturer der-materialspezialist designed a top class offensiv blade. EXCALIBUR combined following characteristics:

- high speed and perfect control
- maximum distruptive effect and extrem spin reversal by using long pimples or ANTI
- soft ball touch and perfect sound
- extreme light construction
- high quality and singular design

EXCALIBUR offers a perfect attacking play with topspin or shoot in all game situations. At the same time this blade is perfect for an aggressive playing attitude with ANTI or pimples. EXCALIBUR the new weapon for attack dynamically and effectively with long pimples , ANTI or normal rubbers.


Speed: 97
Control: 90
Weight: 69g
Characteristics: OFF-
Layers: 5