der-materialspezialist Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde

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Dr.Jekyll&Mr.Hyde is the new combination blade from der-materialspezialist. It enables offensive play on the forehand and passive/slow strokes on the backhand. Dr.Jekyll&Mr.Hyde utilizes a revolutionary manufacturing technique which creates a perfect speed reduction. 

As one of the few manufacturers worldwide we renounce the use of balsa as core veneer. The perfect design, highest craftsmanship and its light weight make it to another top-product for the professional tabletennis player. der-materialspezialist Dr.Jekyll&Mr.Hyde: Experience the difference!


Speed: 87/42
Control: 93/98
Weight: ca. 68g
Characteristics: OFF/DEF
Size: 15 cm x 15,5 cm x 0,83 cm
Layers: 6