der-materialspezialist ANTI-KING

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World first!!  der- materialspecialist ANTI -KING

With ANTI -KING we present the first table tennis blade that has been developed exclusively for the special needs of ANTI top players. 

Who plays with smooth or slip antitop surfaces requires maximum control, paired with the best possible attack options and first-class interference effect as massive cut forwarding.

ANTI -KING forms thanks to new manufacturing method and unique construction a perfect symbiosis between these cornerstones of ANTI game. ANTI -KING is suitable for anti - spin coverings of all kinds and is a guarantee for toxic destrying hits ,perfect dynamics and ideal ball feedback .

When using smooth ANTIS a massive spin reversal is achieved at incoming enemy spin, which may be referred to as abnormal without exaggeration.


Thickness of the racket blade : 6,5 mm
Width of the racket blade :       150 mm
Length of the racket blade :     157 mm



Speed: 84
Control: 95
Weight: 88g
Characteristics: AR+
Layers: -