andro Treiber Q OFF

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Riktigt bra komposit-stomme med bra hårdhet och styvhet som ger både tryck och precision i spelet. Samt ganska tunt rackethuvud som gör den mindre framtung. Vikt ca 88 gram.



Fibre Reinforced Plywood – three words describing the common denominator of the TREIBER blade line and moreover the basic characteristic of TREIBER Q: a synthetic fiber integrated into the veneer composition increasing the blade's sweet spot.

TREIBER Q lives on the impulse given by the so called Q-Fibre placed directly under the outer ply. The Kiri core and Koto outer ply antagonize the hardness of the carbon layer to ensure maximum control and convenient playing feel.

TREIBER Q bundles all energy into the stroke. No vibrations, no energy loss!