andro belagskyddsfolie Pro Foil RASANT

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Protects the rubbersurface from dust and dirt and prevents erosion.

How to use
Clean the rubber surface with rubber cleaner and let it dry completely.
Press the protection sheet onto the rubber surface from handle upwards avoiding air bubbles.
Cut away the overlapping rest of the protection sheet.

If adhesive effect is fading
Clean up the adhesive side of the foil carefully with a wet soft tissue.
As soon as the foil has dried full adhesive effect appears again.

Use and storage
Please use this product only to protect the surface of table tennis rubbers.
Do not place the product in the near of open fire; do not bend it.
Storage conditions, storage period and how long the product has been already stuck to the rubber's surface do influence the adhesive effect as well as the state of the rubber's surface.

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Size: 175x175 mm
Material: Acrylic resin, PET, Paper
Country of origin: Japan