der-materialspezialist CONTACT PREMIUM PLUS

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der-materialspezialist CONTACT PREMIUM PLUS is a professional VOC-free tabletennis adhesive to glue on tabletennis rubbers onto blades.

This adhesive can be used in two ways:

1) for glueing rubbers onto blades (one layer of glue)


2) for creating more spin and speed (more layers of glue)

The other huge advantage of CONTACT PREMIUM PLUS in comparison to other glues is how easily removeable the glue is when changing rubbers.


-Shake the bottle before usage.

-Drip the glue on both blade and the rubbers-sponge evenly.

- Spread the glue evenly using the provided sponge.

- Let the glue dry 15-20 minutes.

- Press the rubber onto the bat using a rolling pin.

To create more spin and speed (several layers) repeat above steps 2-4 times.

Glueing ANTIS and OX Pimples with der-materialspezialist CONTACT PREMIUM PLUS:

CONTACT PREMIUM PLUS works great for glueing ANTI-TOPSPIN rubbers and OX pimples without changing the playing characteristics of these rubbers.

Spread 1 thin layer of CONTACT PREMIUM PLUS onto your bat and your rubber and let it dry 15-20min.

Place the rubber onto the blade and assemble it using a rolling pin.

The rubber can be easily removed after this procedure.

Content 110ml

VOC free

Abides by the guidelines and rules of the ITTF