Giant Dragon Meteorite Soft

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Liknande Meteorite men med extremt mjuka nabbar och extremt långsamt. Lämpar sig för defensiva långnabbsspelare. Mycket bra framförallt för skär. Hög skruvreversering och störeffekt. Svampen är av dämpningstyp. Kommentarer från nätet: - This is an outstanding rubber for modern defenders. As the packaging says, it is slower than ordinary Meteorite and hence much better for chopping (whereas ordinary Meteorite is better close to the table). The spin reversal/continuation on chops is excellent, and this can be combined with confusing/wobbling pushing and lifting as well as chop-blocks at the table. Not a rubber for hitting outright winners with, but excellent for drawing weak balls which can be strongly attacked. The OX version is very effective on an Andro FibercompDEF blade, giving great control and consistency (as well as being quite forgiving: the ball goes where you want it to even if the timing or stroke is slightly off). Highly recommended.