der-materialspezialist REBELLION

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Greppigt långnabb som ändå är ganska okänsligt för inkommande skruv. Perfekt för ett aggressivt långnabbs-spel i ox. Och mycket bra för ett varierat eller def-spel med svamp.


der-materialspezialist REBELLION is a unique long pimple rubber with an enormous disruptional effect and perfect attacking capabilities. With REBELLION the opponent can be put under enormous pressure with counter strokes, flips and psyeudo-topspins. The rubber has a very grippy surface creating high spin values whilst being completely insensitive to incoming spin due to a perfect combination of pimple geometry, pimple surface and rubber properties. 

This unique aspect gives the rubber high control values when playing passively at and away from the table and whilst changing the rotation of the ball. REBELLION has further strengths when playing classical defense or from mid-distance due to the high gripiness there is a lot of backspin in all strokes and passive balls from the opponent can be returned aggressively. der-materialspezialist REBELLION: Long live the rebellion!

Speed:   42
Control:   94
Disruptive effect:   100

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