Gewo Flexxon

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The new star of the GEWO range is the Flexxon OFF+! It has the most progressive technology ever produced by GEWO. The new high-tension, dynamic sponge provides the player with great tension. A perfect balance between speed, elasticity and control. Flexxon is the fastest of the GEWO rubbers, created especially for the topspin player who wants a fast rubber with a minimum loss of control. The progressive, tacky surface-structure provides a longer dwell time on the ball giving spin and control. The high-tension rubber surface further enhances the spin while adding speed by means of it´s catapult effect. These factors work together to produce a spin ball with properties which is extremely difficult for the opponent to control. Rubber for intelligent spin and speed variations. Recommended for high-performing players who enjoy an offensive, attacking game.

Speed: 117 Control: 88 Spin: 111 Hardness: Medium+ Characeristics: OFF+