andro® Rasanter V47

495 kr
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RASANTER is the most elaborate and complex surface development ever undertaken in Germany.

The goal was to develop a future-oriented rubber technology, which allows all ambitious and technically skilled players to compensate the physical disadvantages of the 40 + ball as best as possible.

The RASANTER surface rubber compensates for the rotational disadvantages of the 40 + ball, while the ultra-thick sponge also increases the catapult effect and compensates for the lower speed of the cell free ball.

  • Your profile is speed driven.
  • You go for flat and direct ballistics.
  • As a high to pro level player you will take control of this hard 47° sponge for unlimited power and  energy.
  • Your configuration will be the ultimate speed weapon, performing short and fast top spins – offense with no compromise –    

Speed: 126

Spin: 124

Control: 85

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