Andro Hexer Powersponge

219 kr
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En mjukare version av Hexer med extra bra kontroll men ändå mycket bra fart. Inbyggd limeffekt med klick. Riktig storsäljare i Tyskland!

HEXER Powersponge - make it sound! Thanks to this HEXER version also players with preference for soft rubbers and sensational speed glue sound (SOUND PERFORMANCE)can benefit from the advantages of the fourth Tensor generation.

The in-bound rotationenergy is absorbed by the rubber and immediately gets transferred to active out-boundenergy. The soft Powersponge generously forgives slight mistakes regarding optimum ballhitting area resulting in outstanding control characteristics.

The excellent ball feedback provides additional confidence while hitting the ball.For players of all levels wanting to experience speed and loud sound sensation withoutmissing control!

Speed: 102
Control: 100
Spin: 110
Hardness: soft
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