der-materialspezialist SPINPARASITE

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SPINPARASITE is another milestone in development of frictionless anti spin rubbers.With this rubber der-materialspezialist combined the characteristics control,tempo,disruptive effect and spin reversal to an unprecedented alliance.In passive game situation SPINPARASITE offers a perfect controll.

At this SPINPARASITE produce uncalcualte rotation effects by using different hitting techniques.At playing against spin notably topspins SPINPARASITE produce a fantastic spin reversal and the return will give your antagonist a difficult task.

The greatest disruptive effect and the best spin reversal you get with the 1.0 mm version.The 1.5mm version is the slowest.

Installation note: 
We recommend the use of an adhesive sheet for mounting on your blade. There should be no adhesive are applied to the absorption sponge.

Speed:   45
Control:   95
Disruptive effect:   100

Note for installation and maintenance:


We recommend the use of an adhesive foil for permanent mounting on your blade. There should be no glue applied on the absorption sponge. Regular cleaning with der-materialspezialist PRO ANTI-CLEAN receives the sensitive surface and ensures a perfect product. Please remove production residues on the surface before the first games with a soft cloth.