der-materialspezialist TRANSFORMER EXTRA SLOW

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Our slick ANTI SPIN rubber TRANSFORMER belongs to the best selling slick antis on the market since its release, due to its extreme properties. 

This new version TRANSFORMER EXTRA SLOW combines the excelling slick and dangerous top rubber with the high-tech sponge of our REFLECTION ANTI.

This new version of TRANSFORMER thus maintains high control values and combines this with the highest disruptional effect and spin reversal.

The sponge creates tremendous speed absorption and creates even shorter blocks which destroy the opponents strategy.

The opponent will be forced into playing passively which can be answered  with aggressive pushes, attacks and side swipes.

TRANSFORMER EXTRA SLOW: Maximum control and vicious disruptional effect with slick ANTI.

Note on installation and care:

Each Transformer Extra Slow comes with a free MSP-DK4 adhesive foil.
Please use this glue sheet for installation and follow the enclosed assembly instructions.
Please remove any production residues with our microfibre cloth SPS.
Regular cleaning with PRO-ANTI-CLEAN cares and protects your GLANTI!



Disruptive effect:103
Characteristics: Defensive / Allround
Hardness: Medium
Thickness 1,2 mm