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Riblets are a type of surface geometry that cause a reduction of frictional resistance on surfaces. The surface geometry of riblets for example can be found on the scales of sharks. 

We have been inspired by this phenomenon and have incorporated it in our new antispin rubber B.A.D Best Anti Defence in a globally unique manufacturing process.

The result is unique and amazing: 

In the rally, the incoming rotation is preserved, but the dreaded angle dependency with balls with little rotation is nearly eradicated. 
This results is virtually perfect control. This unique anti-spin rubber also enables relentless attacks on all types of spin and no-spin balls.

B.A.D. Best Anti Defence is available in red and black with 0.7mm, 1.1mm or 1.5mm absorption sponge. The 1.5mm version is the slowest.


Speed:   42
Control:   98
Disruptional Effect:   100


Note for installation and maintenance:

We recommend the use of an adhesive foil for permanent mounting on your blade. There should be no glue applied on the absorption sponge. Regular cleaning with der-materialspezialist PRO ANTI-CLEAN receives the sensitive surface and ensures a perfect product. Please remove production residues on the surface before the first games with a soft cloth.