Victas Quartet Allround

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With its great feel and touch, the Quartet Allround is ideal for almost any playing styles. The perfect balance of this fast allround blade enables magnificent feedback and makes sure you will always be in control, especially in passive situations. With the right choice of rubber, i.e. speed and thickness, the Quartet Allround has everything you need for variable, spin-oriented playing. The two elastic synthetic fibre materials, aramid and carbon (DSE technology), in combination with the Limba outer ply deliver a high ball trajectory and good speed in your attacks.

Strategy : Allround 

Speed : 91

Control : 95

Weight : approx. 86g


*Double Synergy Effect

In the production of their new blades, VICTAS makes sure to only use top-quality wood and synthetic fibre materials. In a long and highly complex process, the VICTAS testing team developed a new blade technology: Double Synergy Effect (DSE). All VICTAS blades featuring DSE are based on 5 carefully selected wood veneers combined with 2 high-tech fibre materials. In all VICTAS blades, the first fibre layer (e.g. Silver Carbon) is placed directly on the core ply and provides for very consistent and stable bouncing of the ball. This reduces vibration when the bat hits the ball and increases control significantly. The second fibre layer (e.g. Carbon) provides for high speed and explosive acceleration of your strokes. The Double Synergy Effect of the two synthetic fibre materials plus the well-adjusted wooden plies guarantees magnificent feel at high speed.