andro Kinetic Record ALL+

235 kr
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High control, a remarkable feeling for the ball and a fascinating feedback in the ball hitting moment – these are the arguments to state the andro Kinetic Record ALL+ an amazing blade. Suitable especially for allround style players who not always hit the ball perfectly in its center and need a blade with maximized sweetspot.
Control and speed are well balanced which supports you also in offensive situations.

Best possible speed-control-balance through Kinetic Technology
Kinetic Record marks the constant progression of the Kinetic technology under consideration of newest processes in table tennis
Kinetic mass inside the handle to intensify the impulse in the ball hitting moment -> More speed!
Homogenous ball jump provided by Monoblade techniques!
Slightly increased top-heaviness to ease racket steering!

Speed: 87
Control: 96
Weight: 85g
Characteristics: AR+
Layers: 5