Giant Dragon Karate Soft

60 kr
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This new rubber is specially designed for VOC-free glue. Thanks to the technology of Trampoline Tension and Gecko Adsorption invented by Giant Dragon. With an appreciable improvement of speed and spin, it's not only suitable for the top players in the world, but also feasible for enhancing the skill of the beginners and secondary players. Kommentarer från nätet: - Very good relation between price and quality. - Nice throw angle, not too tacky, not too slow, good control. If you don't want to pay for Tenergy, but want to have something decent to play with this is pretty good. - I play with Karate Soft without having it changed already 8 months and i would say that the rubber is very good for its price. Speed is very good, it plays good on my forehand and last for long time.